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Pest control products

Pest control and odour care products and supplies

Following is the price list of our products and supplies:

Procter Mice & Rat Repeller for Whole House


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Electronic Repellents

Procter Pest-Stop Repeller for Larger House


Procter Pest-Stop Pest Repeller for Large Rooms (1)


Procter Pest-Stop Pest Repeller for Large Rooms (3)


Procter Pest-Stop Bark Trainer


Ultrasonic Fox Pest Repeller


Procter Pest-Stop Ultrasonic Cat Repeller


Procter Pest-Stop Electronic Bird Scarer


Bait for mice and rats (4 sachets)


ROBAN Block Bait

£29.99 each

Rat and mice control

Whole wheat rats and mice bait (500gm)

£8.99 each


£5.99 each

CATCHMASTER glue board (pack of 10)


Rat and mice glue book (pack of 10)


Cardboard mice boxes (pack of 10)


Trapper Mice glue board (pack of 5)


Rat bait station (complete with bait)

£9.99 each

TRAP E mouse box

£5.99 each

Odour blocks (pack of 12)


SX Mice box (complete with bait in the box) (pack of 5)


BIG SNAP E rat trap

£4.50 each

Trip-Trap mouse trap

£5.99 each

Electric mouse killer

£32.99 each

SNAP E mouse trap (pack of 5)


Earthcare odour remover


Cockroach Trap (pack of 10)


Cockroach Trap (pack of 30)


Insect Control

Moth trap (pack of 10)


Flea Trap

£28.99 each

Wasp trap

£5.99 each

Moth pot trap

£26.99 each

Wasp dome


Wasp bait 1ltr


Bedbug control

£9.99 each

Cyperbug insect killer (500ml)

£18.99 each

Cockroach and bedbug control


Skoosh flea treatment


Keen insect killer

£7.98 sold in

pairs of 2

£3.99 each

Microspray Dispenser LED (white)


Microspray Dispenser LCD (white)


Odour care

Microspray Dispenser Chrome LED


Classic Soap Dispenser

£14.99 each

Timemist Automatic Soap dispenser

£48.99 each

TimeMist Concept Fragrances

£4.59 each

Sanibin (20ltrs)

£32.99 each

Sanibin (15ltrs)

£28.99 each

Pest control products

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CTA Cardboard mice boxes Ultrasonic Fox Repeller Flea trap Cockroach trap Bait for rats and mice Wasp trap

Bait for rats and mice

Ultra sonic fox repeller

Cardboard mice boxes

Wasp traps

Cockroach & Bedbug Control

Cockroach traps

Flea traps

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